Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2013 IBJJF World Championships (Review)

The 2013 IBJJF World Championships concluded around 10pm central time Sunday night.  It was an excellent event featuring some incredible matches and upsets.  That being brain is FRIED from watching most of Saturday and Sunday's live stream.  

Academy Results

1 - Alliance - 94
2 - CheckMat - 53
3 - Atos Jiu-Jitsu - 45 

1 - Alliance - 74
2 - CheckMat - 45
3 - Gracie Humaita - 32 

1 - Gracie Elite Team - 65
2 - Gracie Barra - 52
3 - Alliance - 33 

1 - Gracie Elite Team - 47
2 - Alliance - 41
3 - Gracie Barra - 34 

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Notable moments (Spoilers if you haven't seen the matches. Skip down and watch the matches first.)
  • Gui Mendes being knocked out in only the quarterfinals.  He played a dangerously close match and didn't push the pace losing a ref's decision.  
  • Tanquinho was impressive.  I picked him to make it to the finals but who would have expected him to beat both Cobrinha AND Rafael Mendes the same day?  Probably the most impressive run in the black belt division in my opinion.
  • Caio Terra showed that his win against his nemesis, Bruno Malfacine, at Pan 2013 was not fluke.  He played a very similar game and won the 50/50 battle to claim another World title.
  • Leandro Lo showed that he is one of the most dynamic standing guard passers and open guard players of the tournament.  He had only 2 points scored against him in the entire tournament.  
  • Paulo Miyao FINALLY beats Keenan Cornelius in the Brown belt Absolute final.  This is an amazing feat considering that he fights at Light Feather.  
  • Braulio Estima was very impressive and showed the world that he still is competing at the highest level dazzling with a ridiculous kneebar.  He closed out his weight class and conceded to teammate Romulo Barral.  
  • Atos was shut out at black belt in all divisions.  
  • Ary Farias had appeared to win the Light Feather final, left the mat area to celebrate, was penalized for doing so which docked him an advantage and caused him to lose the final.  Very unfortunate as the match was one of the best finals during the weekend.
  • Lucas Leite was excellent making it to the final at Heavyweight...which is two weight classes above his natural division.  
  • Bruno Bastos (Nova Uniao) retired from Worlds competition and gave his black belt to Buchecha after losing to him in the Absolute division.  
  • Buchecha proved AGAIN that he is the best pound for pound guy out there.  He was incredibly dominant winning both his weight and the Absolute division.  The Absolute final against Rodolfo Veira wasn't close at all. 
Xande Ribeiro (Match 1)

Caio Terra (Brasa) vs Fabio Passos (Alliance)

Rafa Mendes vs Mayako Borges

Braulio Estima's INSANE kneebar in slo-motion.

Gui Mendes (Atos) vs Daniel Beleza Light Feather Quarterfinal

Rodolfo Veira (GF Team) vs Leo Leite (CheckMat)

Rafael Mendes (Atos) vs Tanquinho (Soul Fighters) Feather Final

Caio Terra (Brasa) vs Bruno Malfacine (Alliance) Rooster Final

Ari Farias (Atos) vs Gabriel Moraes (CheckMat) Light Feather Final

Leandro Lo vs Michael Langhi (Alliance) Light Final

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