Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Five Grappling Tournament Returning for Texas 2

I had the pleasure of meeting of couple of the gentleman that run this national grappling organization earlier this year.  They made a big effort to tour around the future locations of their planned tournaments, meet with gym owners, pass out their posters and flyers, etc.  It was a nice opportunity to put names with faces and get an idea of what they are trying to accomplish.  I feel this organization is growing and headed in the right direction.  For the most part, IBJJF has been the big dog of grappling tournaments and many strive to replicate their standard but Five Grappling offers a wonderful alternative for all age groups without some of the negatives associated with IBJJF.  Don't get me we wrong...I do support IBJJF and consider it a prestigious organization to compete for but there are some issues such as added costs for membership cards for juvenile, brown, & black belt competitors among other issues that turns people away.    

So let's look at some things that I like about Five Grappling as compared to IBJJF.

1. Annual membership cards NOT required for juvenile, brown, & black belt competitors
2. Discounted pricing for multiple divisions.  ie: $90 for 1, $20 for each additional
3. Website / Registration is much easier to navigate allowing for division change options to be selected
4. Some of the event posters advertise specials like "Small batch run of Shoyoroll gi's for sale" among many other cool things like DVD instructionals, and an opportunity to win a documentary about YOU by BJJ famed documentary ninja Stuart Cooper.  
5. Kids divisions are a plus / IBJJF has separate tournaments generally in California just for the kids.
6. Website is laid out very well and easy to navigate.  Rules, videos, results, pics are all posted and easy to find.  
7. Both Gi & Nogi division the same weekend.  IBJJF doesn't do this as often. 
8. All competitors receive a t-shirt and gi backpack 
9. Lastly is more of a personal note from me.  Five Grappling is new and it's a little different.  Competition is a good thing.  Five Grappling appears to be committed to evolving the way they run tournaments and adapt their scoring system if it makes sense. They are actively soliciting opinions on their Facebook page that are brought to panel meetings for consideration.  

Five Grappling is committed to bringing in high level talent.  At numerous events they've brought in the talents of Keenan Cornelius, Clark Gracie, McKenzie Dern, and the list goes on.  Looking over the competitors list from Texas 1 last April I would expect no less...actually a bigger turnout since they are gaining momentum. Five Grappling has grown since their first big tour and now unfolding their second tour of tournaments across the country.  

Time is ticking, don't wait and miss registering early for the savings and opportunities.  Main Page:
Early Registration ends after September 4, 2014
Registration closes: September 29, 2014 or when 1500 competitors reached

Friday, August 22, 2014

Sneaky Wrist Lock Attack from Otavio Sousa

Lately it seems like wrist locks are becoming a more popular trend in Jiu-Jitsu competitions.  I have also taken a liking to them.  Why not?!  They can end a match quickly and are often overlooked by most grapplers.  I find myself looking for them more often these days while training at my own gym.  I stumbled on this particularly nice wrist lock set up as shown by Gracie Barra elite competitor Otavio Sousa.  The set up is based on having your opponents back and is a response to them defending in a particular way.  Check it out and as always, go slow on them with your training partners!

You can see Otavio Sousa compete soon in the 3rd edition of the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo October 18, 2014.