Friday, August 16, 2013

Flashback Friday: Dean "The Boogeyman" Lister vs Kyle Griffin

Those in the grappling community should be very familiar with Dean Lister's body of work.  He is a veteran MMA fighter in multiple organizations most notably Pride FC and the UFC.  He still remains fairly active in the grappling scene by competing in super fights and ADCC.  Did I mention he's won ADCC three times?  The guy is incredibly good and well known for his brutal leg lock game.  

In this particular match, no points are scored for the first 10 minutes to encourage submissions. Only in the last 5 minutes are points tallied to determine a winner should the match exceed the time limits.  It took place earlier this year at the UFC Fan Expo 2013.  

Commentary:  (Skip to the bottom of the page for the video)
As one might expect, Lister engages enough to take a seat and begins working a semi-open guard. 

Lister fighting from his half-guard sits up with an under hook while Griffin counters with a whizzer and tries to remain in the top position.   

Griffin hits a very nice back step pass from the half-guard at 1:32 and attempts to move back into the topside half-guard.  Lister sees this and begins lacing Griffin's left leg and hunts for a submission.  Griffin is wise and immediately starts to defend and retreats out of bounds.  

When they restart at 1:57 Griffin attempts a nice pass but Lister is so quick to recover, gain the under hook and works from the turtle position.  Lister traps his right leg and forces a take down from the knees.  

Trying to prevent the pass Griffin manages to tie up Lister's upper body and they reset again. Griffin secures the head attempting to pass and Lister easily reverses position again.  

Positions are exchanged again after Lister attacks for a leg.  Shortly after Lister reverses to the top position with ease.  At 4:52, Lister begins to sit back and create a figure 4 lock on Griffin's left leg preventing Griffin from being able to escape as easily this time.  Lister fights to secure the toe hold forcing the tap.

I think this format is really great for Lister.  He doesn't mind giving up position and has an uncanny ability to reverse and regain dominant positions if he loses a potential submission.

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