Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Leg Drag like a Boss to Pass Reverse De La Riva

Feeling a little down?  Able to pass your buddies De La Riva guard but getting stuck in Reverse De La Riva?  Bruno Frazatto shows an excellent way to pass the frustrating position by maintaining a low base, using lots of pressure, and finishing with a leg drag.

1. Maintain a low and heavy base.  Do NOT post your free leg too far forward or you risk getting swept by Kiss of the Dragon or in X-Guard.

2. Remove collar grip.

3. Lace the legs by controlling the bottom leg pant sleeve.

4. HEAVY shoulder on top leg.

5. Free hand controls collar.

6. Tripod up and move back a little to remove the RDLR hook.

7.  Leg drag--->Consolidate the upper body and pass.


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