Thursday, October 31, 2013

Flashback Friday: Gui Mendes vs Justin Rader (2008 World Championships)

I am waaay overdue for an update to the blog.  Life has really gotten in the way but I hope to have a little bit more time to devote to bringing some new content.  For those that follow along...I plan to have matches from the BJJ Expo up as soon as the event is over each day so stay tuned if you don't plan on ordering in a week!

Budovideos was kind enough to share this video from 2008 and I couldn't help but pass it along. This event was the 2008 World Championships and depicts both Rader & Mendes as brown belts. It's evident early on that Gui's style has not changed a lot over the years.

*Skip down to the bottom if you don't want the match spoiled*

Match Commentary:
Early on Gui looks to pull open guard. He manages a seated single leg guard and transitions into De La Riva.  Gui's super deep DLR hook helps him work towards the back similar to a Babybolo. Rader defends well but Gui turns it into a single leg take down to score 2 points and begin to work his crushing top game.

Gui threatens the back and Rader flees out of bounds at the 2:26 mark.  At the restart, Gui pulls guard carefully as to not give up any points to Rader.  Gui works a half-guard butterfly and maintains an over hook on Rader's arm.  From this position Gui hits a beautiful sweep for another 2 points.  Rader manages to catch quarter guard but tries to get to his knees giving Gui the timing to move into mount.

Gui still maintaining the over hook attempts to attack for an armbar/omoplata.  He settles for the shoulder lock but Rader escapes and moves out of bounds in typical Rader fashion.

On the restart Gui works to guard and quickly throws up a triangle.  He manages to trip a standing Rader.  Rader works out of the triangle choke and attacks a straight ankle lock.  Gui defends well and manages to pass the guard again landing in side mount.  This was the beginning of the end at the 5:30 mark.

Gui uses Rader's lapel to control the cross face and threaten with a baseball bat choke that he's now famous for.  Rader defends well but cannot escape Gui's nasty top side game.  The match ends with a pretty lopsided score in favor of Gui.

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