Friday, December 6, 2013

Reilly Bodycomb's 'Top Rock' - A dynamic top-game and leg-lock download

I had the pleasure of taking a private lesson with Reilly Bodycomb earlier this year.  My goal was to start focusing on a mostly IBJJF legal leg lock game. He was in town for an IBJJF legal leg lock seminar.  Due to scheduling conflicts on my part I decided to set up a private lesson with him.  Having seen his DVD's prior to the private lesson I knew he was legit but just five minutes into the private lesson I started to question what I had got myself into.  Reilly pulls no punches.  He wanted me to feel what a proper ankle lock feels like and by God I started to ask myself, "what did I just sign myself up for?!  I'm going to have to endure some punishment on my own legs to fully comprehend the amount of pressure he applies to get legit taps."  That being said it was probably the biggest bang for the buck private lesson I have ever done and I have done private lessons with World Champions.  I won't hesitate to train with him again when he is visiting my town. I have not seen his recent release but based on the reviews that I have read on various grappling sites I am incredibly anxious to purchase this myself.  Having recently promoted to brown belt I am excited to start implementing some of the more aggressive non-legal IBJJF leg locks into my game.

I highly suggest giving this seminar/video a good look among some of his other DVD's which can be purchased from  I had a completely non-existent leg lock game as a high purple belt and now have a much better understanding and much improved ability to threaten leg locks from various positions.

This particular seminar available for download in MP4 format is groundbreaking.  You have the ability to view the content and pay what you feel it is worth.  Give it a shot because I don't think you will be disappointed.  If you get the chance to train with him in New Orleans or just a private lesson I can't recommend it enough.  He is very intuitive to your needs and will custom tailor your lesson based on what you want.

Mobile users that have issues viewing the embedded video can locate it here:

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