Friday, September 11, 2015

ADCC 2015 "Some" Highlights

Well ADCC 2015 was nothing short of incredibly fun to watch.  Not every match was amazing but there were some excellent match-ups.  I applaud ADCC for setting up the brackets such that a lot of teammates where pitted against each other in the opening rounds.  In case you didn't know the gentleman's handshake "close-out" is not allowed at ADCC.  So maybe we didn't get the ideal #1 vs #2 in the finals but I feel that is really exciting to set it up in that manner.  To me I felt like every match was very competitive and it made the competitors step up their A game early on in the competition.  

I feel like ADCC is really exciting in nogi competition as the competitors are allowed to use heel hooks, "reaps" on the knees, and even slam out of submissions.  It forces grapplers to wrestle and punishes those who choose to pull guard.  
I honestly didn't get to watch every match but I made a few quick HL's of some that stood out to me. 

I selected certain matches where I felt there was an exciting submission or at the very least an excellent opportunity that may have ended up in a crazy transition of sorts.  There are some very high level entries to leg locks in a lot of these videos so pay close attention and see if you can work it into your game.  

Hoping to put something more substantial together in the future. Hopefully they don't get taken down but enjoy while they are up.  In no particular order...

If you are interested in watching the event in its entirety it is still available through Budovideos until September 15th.

Eddie Cummings x Asadulaev Surkhay 

Neiman Gracie x Ezra Lenon 

Michelle Nicolini x McKenzie Dern (Final...and it's a long HL) This was my favorite match of the event.

Rodolfo Vieira x Benson Henderson (failed shot) Open Weight Class 

Ruben Charles "Cobrinha" x Tezekbaev Rasul

Vinny Magalhães x Joao Rocha 

Gary Tonon x Dillon Danis


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