Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Dokebi Combat Outfitters Jungle Rash Guard Review

Dokebi Combat Outfitters is a relatively newer gear company that provides kimonos, rash guards, grappling tights/spats, shorts, and apparel.  If you aren't familiar with the brand it may be partially due to the fact that not only are they newer in the market but they are based in Vienna, Austria of all places.  I had seen some of their gear through social media channels before getting my hands on some of their gear for my own review.

Construction & Quality

Overall I feel this is a very well made rash guard.  I have had my fair share of rash guards over the years good, bad, and everything in between.  The Dokebi is made of 85% polyester & 15% spandex. These days I think most manufacturers of sport specific rash guards (Jiu-Jitsu of course) are using a blend rather than 100% polyester.  Something worth nothing when doing a little research of my own current rash guards I realized that "Lycra" is a DuPont brand of elastane or spandex.  So if you think there is a difference there is probably very little if the label reads spandex versus lycra.

I can really appreciate the use of sublimated graphics throughout the construction of this rash guard. When I first started Jiu-Jitsu most companies were using heat transfer type graphics and some still regrettably do.  There is no worry about cracking and peeling of the graphics here with the sublimation.  In other's worth the money to pay a little extra for that feature.

Fit & Performance

I received a size small to test and review.  I'm 5'7" & 145lbs.  A small is where I land on their sizing chart and I felt the fit was very snug and a slim cut.  Don't get me wrong it fits very well but I may have been able to go up to a medium size.  I would say that these run a bit on the small end so if you prefer a bit of a looser fit rash guard consider going up to the next size if possible.

The fit throughout is very consistent.  I don't find the sleeves to be excessively roomy as they extend towards the hands.  Some rash guards fail in this area and tend to not be snug enough and that is one of my pet peeves while training.

One of the things I really like about this rash guard is the mesh side vents that run from the bottom to just below the armpit.  This is a nice bonus to help the top breathe during training sessions and particularly if you like to wear a rash guard under your gi.  My biggest complaint wearing rash guards under a gi is the feeling of trapping all the heat generated while training and cooking inside my gi top.  This is a much more pleasant rash guard in that respect.

The rash guard itself is very soft and lightweight.  It features flat locked stitching throughout to ensure it stays together well.  After many hard training sessions both nogi and under my gi I haven't experienced any fraying of the seams at all.

Additional Observations:

Anyone that wears their rash guards under their gi's during training have likely experienced "pilling" in the fabric.  I did experience some while training in the Dokebi rash guard.  This doesn't count as a negative but while researching I did find some companies that claim their products don't experience this due to the blend of fabrics.  I have yet to experience a rash guard that doesn't exhibit "pilling" regardless of fabric blend.  I think this is just something to expect during normal training.

As a Tip:  Wash your rash guards inside out to help prevent "pilling" while running through the washer and/or dryer (especially if you wash with your gi!)

Overall Impressions

Being based in Europe the company's website has their products listed in Euro currency.  The price point on this rash guard is around $55 making it comparable to other popular brands.  I hope to see more of their products offered on more established vendor sites in the near future.

  • sublimated graphics
  • side vents
  • consistent fit throughout entire rash guard
  • runs a bit small on the sizing
  • availability in the United States through vendors???

I like what Dokebi has done with this rash guard.  It is a very well made product that didn't skimp on design nor take short cuts on construction/quality.  Let's face it.  Most Jiu-Jitsu gear is not cheap and most of us want to feel like we are getting good to great value for our money.  If you are looking for those qualities and some gear designs that your training partners don't already have then Dokebi Combat Outfitters is definitely worth looking into for your next gear purchases.

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