Saturday, June 2, 2012

BJJ World Championships and GUNS are FUN!!!

Oh  man I'm so frustrated not watching this tournament (World Championship 2012).  I have watched this along with all major IBJJF (pay per views) for the last 3 years.  Instead, we took the kids out shooting with my brother and dad (avid gun hobbyists).  Because of that I missed sitting in front of this iMac ALL DAY long watching the first major day of black belt competition.  At this point I'm not going to bother ordering only to watch the finals on Sunday.  As much as I love BJJ I can't drop $20 for Sundays matches especially when I have to work from home.  There's no way I'd either get any work done or watch the matches with the level of concentration required.  Now it's Sunday morning. I managed to wake up early and knock out a ton of work...still working.  Budovideos (fortunately) is offering the finals today for only $10 which is really fair.

I've attached some videos from shooting today with the kids.  None of them had ever really fired a weapon before.  Caitlin was very intimidated by ALL of the guns.  The boys really enjoyed it.  By the end of the day we managed to get Caitlin to fire an old WWII water cooled machine gun a few times and my brothers M4 (full auto).  See the vids below.  All in all, I can't complain about missing the Worlds.  We had a great time as a family and had some excellent bonding time!

Seth shooting the M1917 Browning machine gun (Water Cooled makes it extra COOL)

Lindsey & the M4....I will add that she is a WAAAAAYYYYY better shot than me.  LOL

Seth with shotgun (plenty of time explaining how to hold this thing LOL)

Me with shotgun

Josh & the .50 cal....this thing puts BIG HOLES in stuff (Caitlin doing video...LOL)

Caitlin FINALLY shoots the M4 at the end of the day!!!
Caitlin & the M4 (different angle)

Dad blasting like a PRO!!!  (Caitlin recording video)

Not to be completely outdone....Budovideos was kind enough to post the Buchecha/Rodolfo Vieira absolute match from Saturday.  :)

Xande Ribeiro vs Roberto Alencar

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