Monday, May 28, 2012

Deadmau5 melts my brain

I've been a fan of techno, electronica, house, trance, whatever you would like to call it since raves in the early to mid-90's.  I've done an okay job of keeping up with the changes over the years and can honestly say that right now seems to find this genre of music at an all time peak.  I don't ever remember music being this good.  Five years ago Tiesto seemed like the best thing out there (for me at least).  In the last couple of years Deadmau5 and Skrillex have come into my music consciousness.  I feel like these guys have really changed the way people are making music and raised the bar really high.  There are lots of DJ's out there making wonderful remixes of stuff but (IMO) few that make really good ORIGINAL music.  You might say Skrillex is remixing with his samples but I would disagree for the most part.  Anywho, the other night Lindsey asks me if I've seen this Deadmau5 London show from last fall.  I had not seen it or even heard about it.  I don't care if you like this genre of music or not, either way watch this video.  Skip to the 14:00 minute mark if you don't care for the music to see some RIDICULOUS 4D.  Take note that Deadmau5 is spinning at the very bottom of the building to give a little perspective of what you are looking at.  There are many versions of this video floating around.  This particular video has been edited but you get the idea what this may have been like seeing it live.

Here is a really good example of a Skrillex remix and taking it to the next level.  The first video is an original piece by Benny Benassi....which is okay.  I don't dislike it but if you listen to this....then listen to the Skrillex remix of it and you'll see that he CRUSHED the original.

Now give the Skrillex version a listen and see what you think.

If you're still with me and not necessarily a fan or familiar with his work check out an original piece in this video.

Oddly enough Skrillex strikes an incredible resemblance to Corey Feldman.  LOL